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Storage Units in Queens

A month or two in storage in unfavorable conditions may be okay, but for longer periods, a controlled environment in a facility like Storage Post is advisable.

A Variety of Purposes for Self-Storage Makes Them Very Useful

Posted on March 13 2018 in storage, units, queens

Small Storage Units in Queens are useful for a wide variety of purposes. Often, people tend to think of self-storage as a place where customers place belongings they don't have room for in the apartment or house, and then leave it there for years. That doesn't describe the way most customers use these facilities, however. About half the rentals last less than a year. Those that are longer-term don't necessarily involve hidden clutter that the customer pays a bill for every month.

A Place to Keep Seasonal Belongings

Many customers of self-storage facilities keep a smaller unit to swap out seasonal belongings. They move Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations there after the holiday season wraps up, for example. Sleds, saucers, winter coats, mittens and snow boots can be stored there during warmer months. As winter approaches, a trip to the unit can bring summer clothing, camping gear, and lawn furniture.

Discounted Business Inventory and Supplies

Owners of small businesses sometimes keep extra inventory and supplies in Storage Units in Pompano Beach. Especially if they have a home office, storage space renters may not have nearly enough room for everything they want to buy when discounts are available. Those discounts can quickly pay for the unit rental while allowing the individual to keep clutter out of the office. This often is true for entrepreneurs who lease a small amount of office space as well.

Storage Needs for College Students

Many college students rent a unit from a facility such as Storage Post for the summer when they'll be away from town. They might have a job for the summer and a different apartment lined up for fall. Moving everything back to their parents' house may be too inconvenient, and it may not even be an option.

In addition, nontraditional students might just need two years to finish a four-year degree. If they don't have family obligations, they might like to move into a residence hall for older students and keep most of their possessions in storage until they graduate. Residence halls usually have some space available on the lowest level, but the area allotted per student is not very large.

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